Complete angel round investment with Nuokang

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Recently, Nanjing Tongnuokang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tongnuokang") announced the completion of tens of millions of RMB angel round financing. This round of financing is led by Dynamic Balance Capital and followed by Pioneer Venture Capital. This round of financing funds will be used for R&D pipeline promotion, AI platform upgrading and team building

Founded in November 2021, Tongnuokang focuses on genome vulnerability targets (such as synthetic lethality, chromatin instability and whole genome doubling), takes "unsatisfied clinical needs" as the guidance, and runs original AI Omics technology through all aspects of new drug research and development, such as new drug target discovery, drug molecular design, clinical trial design and patient enrollment, while combining profound understanding of disease biology and experience in efficient drug chemistry, Develop small molecule innovative drugs with global value. Dr. Fan Houxing, the founder of the company, has more than ten years of experience in new drug research and development, and is good at the early discovery of small molecule innovative drugs. Co founder Liu Qi, a professor of Tongji University, applied AI and machine learning technology to mine high-throughput biological data, forming a research paradigm of "AI Omics" cross fusion combining AI and omics data analysis, and focusing on accurate diagnosis and treatment of tumors

Dr. Fan Houxing, the founder of the company, said: "We are very grateful to the investors for their recognition of our team and platform. Tongnuokang has always been patient centered, focused on the development of drug resistant targets, and built its own artificial intelligence (AI) and multi omics technology (Omics) based on the unmet clinical needs Combined with a series of research platforms, it is committed to the research and development of original small molecule new drugs with global intellectual property rights. We believe that our technology platform will continue to introduce globally competitive product pipelines, so that the company can develop continuously and strongly, stand out in a highly competitive environment, and bring new treatments to patients worldwide. "

The dynamic balance medical team said: "The founding team of the company is composed of senior pharmaceutical chemists and artificial intelligence experts. It not only has rich practical experience in new drug research and development, but also can find new targets by combining AI technology. Tumor therapy based on synthetic lethal therapy can accurately target cancer cells, and it can also accurately screen patients according to their cancer cell gene mutations. In the future, synthetic lethal therapy will play a huge role in tumor precise therapy."