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Nanjing Synnocare Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on unmet clinical needs and targets that are difficult to develop drugs. In malignancies, autoimmune diseases, central nervous system disorders and other fields, we integrate AI and multi-omics technology into the whole process of new drug development from target discovery to drug molecule design and clinical trial design. We are committed to developing original new small molecule drugs with global intellectual property rights.


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Create a globally influential "AI+Omics" driven new drug R&D platform company

tongnuokang always takes patients as the center, takes the unsatisfied clinical needs as the starting point, focuses on the development of drug resistant targets, independently builds a series of research platforms based on the combination of artificial intelligence (ai) and omics technology (omics), and is committed to the research and development of original small molecule new drugs with global intellectual property rights to benefit the majority of patients.